Saturday, October 26, 2013

Categories of Books to be Filled

Great Books KC strives for a balanced approach, while adhering to our general criteria for great works of literature (see What Makes a Book Great.)

There are several categories we like to cover in the course of a year:

Re-reading books we have read before
One of the hallmarks of the Great Books is that they are worth RE-reading. Each year, we include one excellent selection that we have read more than a year previously.

A selection from the Bible.
One of the two major sources of the Western tradition, Biblical literature holds a central place in our reading program.

A selection from the Greeks
The other major source of the Western tradition.

A selection from Shakespeare
Central to the Western tradition, Shakespeare is only second to the Bible and the Greeks because he came later than they did. Had he come earlier, he would probably equal or exceed Homer in primacy.

A work of poetry

A non-Western selection
There are a wealth of Great Books from non-Western sources. We give ourselves the opportunity to learn from them.

A selection by a female author

A recent (1900-1950) selection

A shorter work

A longer work
We set aside the three summer months, each year, to tackle one longer, more ambitious work.

These categories are open to adjustment. If there are categories you believe should be added, or if you think some of these should be omitted, please share your perspective.

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